How is chocolate made

How is chocolate made learn in this post. Chocolate is made of cocoa seeds or beans of cocoa tree.

Cocoa is bitter in taste

so cocoa is fermented well to develop flavour. And then cocoa is cleaned, dried and roasted. Cells are removed to produce cocoa nibs and ground to make cocoa mass. Unadulterated chocolate is rough form of chocolate. cocoa beans is ground to make cocoa liquid form/ cocoa liquor by heating and then it is cooled to get cocoa solids and cocoa butter. That is used to prepared different type of chocolates. Varieties of chocolate :- Dark Chocolate, Milk And White Chocolates.

How to prepare dark chocolate

Here we need basic four ingredients to prepare this.

1 Coconut oil

2 Honey

3 Cocoa Powder

4 Vanilla

If you want extra sweet then you can add sugar or stevia as its requirement.

Follow And Prepare

This Chocolate four simple ingredients that you can use Here is four basic ingredients are coconut oil honey cocoa powder vanilla and if you want to up the level of sweetness just a little bit without adding any extra actual sugar then you can add a little bit of liquid stevia.

A nice heavy bottom stainless steel one and a half sized quart sized saucepan. Put it with low heat on electric stove that’s a one one of the tricks to making really silky smooth chocolate is to keep that heat very low you don’t want your chocolate to seize up and heat will do You add coconut oil and let it melt in the pan before adding anything else

when coconut oil melted add honey and let that honey melt with the coconut oil really soften up and that’ll only take a minute or two depending on if you have crystallized honey or if it’s room temperature honey melted and now whisk in cocoa powder dump it in all at once and whisk until you see some gloss When seen glossy you take it off the heat at this point and just whisking to get it nice and glossy and smooth and just thickening up it’s so pretty now you add vanilla just whisk that in and done now you can either put it on a Silpat put it in a container for later in the fridge or put it in some sort of form for just little fun chocolate shapes there are so many wonderful things you can do with this chocolate so now you pour it into these fun little molds today these are heart shaped molds and they’ll pop right out after you will put them in the refrigerator for a while. another fun thing you can do is just simply put it on a Silpat lined baking sheet and spread it about a quarter-inch thick and then you can break it up into pieces and use it in some mores.


Let’s we start to prepare milk chocolate

We have set up a double boiler so there is your span in which there is water and the water is not touching the bowl the bowl has just been placed over the fan where there is water and the bowl and there is a gap in between.

Now we have here is cocoa butter so the cocoa butter is in the bowl and we have to melt your cocoa butter so here is the butter factor of the entire slab and in terms of milk solids you’re going to be adding in some milk powder and you’re going to be adding in powdered sugar to get the sweetness but if you get cocoa butter nothing like it so you go the butter is almost melted what we like to this is milk powder add milk powder and stir so after adding milk powder let’s add powdered sugar after adding powdered sugar you need to stir it once again and you can actually now switch off the heat the water in the pan below is quite hot it’s in fact boiling so that is take care of the heat that is needed to get this mixture done and we add in cocoa powder again this cocoa powder is unsweetened.

if you have sweet and cocoa powder at home then in that case the quantity of powdered sugar should be less . this is done.

Now you just have to mix it up like this alternately you can use a whisk after the entire mixture looks smooth like this. You mix it up well you not have a single lump in there in the mold now have managed to get mold which looks exactly like a nice good slab of chocolate so we just going to take this what we have is enough for those three chocolate flaps and a little bit that is remaining.

If we put it in this we have a very fine or a very thin slab of chocolate This will take at least half an hour to set you will have the chocolate loosened from the base once it sets completely just remove it the regular pieces and enjoy homemade milk chocolate so the milk chocolate was lying in the fridge and it is done is set how do you know if it’s set the minute you turn it it just comes off.

Oh wow look at the glaze isn’t it look like a slab of chocolate bought from the market what I will do is I am broken this into pieces like this I’m gonna actually pick it up and eat it.

I’m going to add some mint a sense to this and I’ll have the lovely mint chocolate and I think after that I can also add some orange a sense and you can have some lovely orange flavored chocolates choice of your recipe is yours just go ahead and explore and enjoy your favorite milk chocolate.

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